About Us

Our Origins

While serving a sentence as a result of drugs and robbery with Missouri Corrections, our Founder, Douglas Wright, faced a helpless situation; a involving family and a phone call. A request from his daughter where he found himself helpless changed his whole thought process. He was ready to start giving back to the community that he had taken so much from.

Our Mission

The mission of Building Community Bridges is to inspire, uplift, and aid youth development through self-awareness programs, education, and addressing community issues that impact their daily lives.

Our Vision

The vision of Building Community Bridges is to change the direction of our community youth to divert them from paths of poverty, substance use, and criminal activity and breaking down barriers to their future wealth, healthy lifestyle, and productive citizenship. 

Our Services To The Community

Disaster Shelter/Recovery, clothing, a warm meal, and Community Events are just a small part of what we contribute.

Weather can severely impacted our great community; such as flooding and tornadoes. Disasters like these affect every person in a family. [Kids] shouldn't have to worry about those responsibilities, but there's a lot of children that are stepping up in parenting roles because they don't have dads or they have to take care of the younger brothers and sisters because a single parent has to work.

"A local single mother says she gets it. She knows what it's like to be a single mom, living on food stamps and having nowhere to turn for support."

Organizers ask anyone who wants to donate items to drop them off on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays.

Additional services include aiding the youth in the community in respect to self-awareness, education, entrepreneurship and issues that impact their lives.

Our Team

Alicia Edwards

Director Of Operations

Alicia has acquired many hats through life lessons, determination, and hard work. As a mother, cosmetologist, model, and motivational speaker, Alicia as an opportunity to touch the lives of many individuals from all walks of life. With her love for people, self empowerment, and entrepreneurship, Alicia wants to change the community around her. Jefferson City, Missouri is where she grew up.

As Director of Operations she plans to create an environment that gives an opportunity for others to cultivate their gifts. Through learning trades, life experiences, the will to succeed, and a good support system Alicia has been able to change her life around to something she can be proud of. She believes that everyone has the power to overcome any obstacle and be successful.

Douglas Wright III


Douglas grew up on the streets of Detroit and understands the struggles of inner-city youth. In 1986, Douglas' life took a turn when his step-father was murdered. He was plunged into adulthood, while still a boy, becoming what he thought was a young man. From the ages of 12 to 26, the streets were his survival playground. During those years Douglas learned a lot of valuable lessons that has transformed him to the man he is today.

His goal is to build confidence in each individual, teaching life skills that raise self-esteem and shows them that their intellect is one of the keys to survival in our communities.